Friday, February 12, 2016


Haiku Friday: The British

My family is English on both sides, which may account for the wacky eccentric streak we bear.  Bad teeth, allergies, pale... yeah, that's me.

Still, the British have made some positive contributions to the world. Shakespeare, sure, and the sandwich (though it appears they aren't good at making them any more).

So, let's haiku about the British! Perhaps you have been to Britain, and have a good story, or just were fascinated by Princess Diana. 

Here, I will go first:

The room was so cold!
And then I found the coin box
That started the heat.

Now it is your turn! Just make the first line five syllables, then seven for the second and five for the third. 

Oh, and write in English. Unless you are the medievalist-- he is on his own.

Me encanta Londres,
Sólo hablan inglés y
son super raros.

Unclaimed luggage at
Heathrow? ‘We just blow it up,’
said bobbies, laughing.

We can work it out
while my guitar gently weeps.
I am the walrus.
London Times headline
Was "Heavy Fog in Channel,
Continent Cut Off"
They do elections
So much better than we do
And move in next day.
Let me get this straight:
Coin-operated heater?
Phfft, bollocks to that.
Cobbled lanes, ancient,
Thames, Tower Bridge, stop, listen
History echoes
Southern London
the Prime Meridian lies
Greenwich Mean Time, zero
The bloody barber
shop sits above a bakery.
Meat pie anyone?

Note to self: Don't go to England with Christine. At least not for lunch.
Worked with Brits five years,
Learned words; most laughs I ever had,
Then I met the French.

Ok Mark - I will try and redeem myself... perhaps I have watched a bit too much Downton Abbey

At the manor house
climbing roses and hedge rows
green space, bridle paths

The hound dogs sniff, fox...
Riders mount, excitement builds...
Let the hunt begin

We will take a stroll
Tea and scones at four o'clock
Oh so, civilized
Fleeing icy
Fingers of rain,I enter
Clarinda's Tea Room.

The Bard of Scots regards
Me from the wall,salivates
At the sight of

Cucumber sandwich
Scone rife with Devonshire cream
Strawberry jam.

Clarinda"s grave
Is on the way home,she whom
Burns loved.I leave red rose.
Myth surrounds the stones
Large, clumsy sentinels stand
strong against all time
Who was Hadrian...
and why does he have a wall
rambling east to west
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