Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Hello, fellow travelers! I have good news-- my dad has agreed to write on the blog this Thursday, on his support of Bernie Sanders. I look forward to his perspective (which I largely share).  

In the meantime, I urge you to check out his own blog, which mostly has to do with the jazz scene in Detroit. His latest post starts with Yogi Berra and works its way to the musicians who will be playing this week. I love the photos he has taken, including the one above.

Here is part of what he has to say:

The decision in life to live life on the go isn’t always dramatic. It can be a subtle change in one note or timing. It is just changing your routine. It can be a simple pause. Sometimes we can change by taking the straight road and just speeding up. 

How true his words and the view from his lens! I happen to believe that life is all about the journey with all its twists and turns and forks to choose or not. I also think that change and challenge is where we find purpose, learning and perspective but I have to say John’s view over the edge of his wine glass at Dirty Dog, on life and all that jazz is a pretty good one. I happen to live in a place that changes and challenges with every influx of people coming through. I often thought about this constant need to adjust and tweak and improvise and wondered if it’ll wear me down. But it’s been more than twenty five years and it didn’t. It surely made it more interesting of a journey and weirdly enough, one where constant change and challenge only made me comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Needless to say I look forward to John’s angle on Bernie.
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