Saturday, January 30, 2016


The Preamble

I can't figure out if this was foolish or brilliant. What do you think?

Absolutely brilliant.
Who knew that such powerful words could be delivered so blandly. Nice idea, but it was executed poorly. He had 30 seconds to engage the listeners, and he used little voice inflection and had no passion. I hate over-hyped speeches, but you should at least seem to care about what you are talking about.
The Preamble can be interpreted to support many things, including single-payer health care for the entire country, SNAP benefits, etc., etc. It is neither brilliant nor foolhardy for someone to quote it, hopefully with some inflection. My trouble with many of the remaining R candidates is that they do not wish to see all Americans prosper, just a subset, and those subset differ a bit. They complain about deficits, but those were greatest under R presidents, and Reagan, as an example, raised taxes more often than he traveled!

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