Monday, January 25, 2016


Swimming in bad music

My favorite haiku from last week was Christine's, since she described a perfectly awful situation:

The song repeated
and repeated in my head
while I swam laps

It is different
each time. The last song I heard
on the radio.

Taylor Swift, Beiber...
I hope it has a good beat
so I will swim fast.

Trapped in the pool with Justin Beiber! Can you even imagine? {shudder}... but if it gets you through the workout...

Meanwhile, I had to look up what Lee Carver was talking about:

Chainsmokers invade
All I can think of now is
Taking a #SELFIE

As is often the case, it was the Medievalist whose thoughts rang closest to my own:

You can't always get
Songs by Barry Manilow
Out of your mind. *sigh*


So tempted to click on Barry to hear it one more time. Nahhhh. Time to go home. Good night.
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