Saturday, June 27, 2015


Jindal Candidacy Meets Lukewarm Reception With His Family

It's creepy enough filming a family discussion with a camera hidden in a tree, but why would Jindal release this video of his kids lukewarm reception (even when prompted) to his candidacy? Weird. It looks like he does have about a 66% approval rating with his own children, which may be above average for American parents.

Of course, it could be worse…

Thank you for sharing this. I love Bobby Jindal. He and his family represent a great American story. He would make an excellent president.

As for creepy and weird, we are part of the Facebook, cellphone video, "I'll start my own blog, let me share every inner thought I have in real time" generation. I am sad to say that this does not seem especially out of the ordinary to me.
But here it was Jindal who made the video and posted it online! Not that it worked-- no more than President Obama appearing with his daughters at the Turkey pardoning ceremony.
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