Friday, June 12, 2015


Haiku Friday: Favorite Summer Drinx!

It's summer-- even in Minnesota! And in the summer, it's important to stay cool and hydrated. For whatever reason, what you are sipping is more important in the summer. Let's haiku about that this week! Here are a few of the summer drinx you might consider:

-- Iced Tea
-- Lemonade
-- Soup
-- Ice Cold Beer
-- Iced coffee
-- Boiling Hot Beer
-- Sparkling water
-- Sauvignon blanc
-- Festus Brau
-- Frozen margarita
-- Lukewarm tap water in your cupped hands
-- Blue drink
-- Wine cooler
-- Water from the hose

Here, I will go first:

Large cherry limeade...
It's worth the drive to Sonic!
Later, chew the ice.

Now it is your turn. Use five syllables for the first line, seven syllables of the second, then forty-seven for the third line. No, wait, just five for the third line.  Sorry.

Ooh, I have a better one:

Blue Kool-aid, er, what?
It had a flavor, I think:

Lemonade, orange,
Mixed with a bunch of ice,
Ginger ale on top.
Olympia beer, cold
The cheapest thing in the store
Caps off hiking day.
100-plus in
Austin. Only ice-cold draft
Shiner does it. Ahhhhh

Ice cold ice water
Chased down with that Number 9
Magic Hat's the BEST!
Mix Pelegrino's
Lemonata, Wild Turkey's
Amer'can Honey.

some cold lake water
scooped with a cup while
canoeing on Sag

San Pellegrino
Limonatta is the best
It quenches my thirst
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