Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The last of the snow

Something happened in the last few days-- Spring came.  At least for the moment.

Not just in Minnesota, either, but all over the north.  Temperatures got up into the sixties, and people began walking around in t-shirts, eating outside, and picking up the trash that accumulated under the snow.

It won't last… but it is great for now!

Creo en Dios has daily offered wonderful opportunities to reflect upon the Christian tradition of Lent - a journey of commitment seldom perfected, though filled with bright successes as well as cloudy moments of discernment. . .

Does our 'glorious' spring weather not offer the same bursts of joy and celebration to be embraced, For without coming cool mornings, cloudy skies and spring rains - bulbs planted, like life's journey, will not spring forth to radiate and be shared. . .

Smiles required for everyone tomorrow!!!
I agree, CC!
When I was at Michigan State, the UPs (pronounced youPs) from the Upper Peninsula, could be found sunning themselves in bathing suits in any wind protected area when the spring temps got above 60 degrees F, which usually occurred several days in March.

Which was usually followed by a snow and/or ice storm in late March or early April.
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