Wednesday, February 11, 2015


When "too late" comes too soon...

Apparently, Jon Stewart is leaving "The Daily Show."

This is really bad news for me, since I kept telling myself I needed to start watching that show and never really got around to it (just like "The Wire" and "Breaking Bad").  Now it is too late.  Sigh.

Jon Stewart went to William and Mary two years ahead of me, and we both worked at the radio station.  Many people with good taste told me he had a great show.  Yet, I never got to see it.  I guess I had better rush to catch up now!

Yes, he was very good, but always skewed to the left and more smart-alecky sometimes than clever. He is very talented. I enjoyed him, but Colbert, also similarly skewed, was consistently more original, in my opinion. De gustiness and all of that...
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