Saturday, February 21, 2015


So, it's my birthday!

Last night I went to see the town's annual Pops concert by the Edina high school band.  The theme this year was "The Wizard of Oz," a movie that I have found (even as an adult) to be extremely creepy.  Angry flying monkeys?  Witch sisters, one of whom is completely green?  Kansas being presented as a rural utopia?  A talking scarecrow?  "Munchkins" celebrating someone being crushed to death by a flying house?  I mean, c'mon… isn't this some kind of horror film?

Anyways, the highlight for me was the sculpture above, which was ten feet high and placed next to the stage.  It is a mask of the Wizard (though there are some shades of Roswell-style alien there, too).  I think it oddly compelling.  Do you think they would sell it to me after the show?

Happy Birthday!!
Did you tell them it was your birthday? You might not have to pay!
Hope you had a Happy Birthday Prof! And I say you should definitely look into acquiring that mask. It may even come in handy at alternative fuel for the trashcan turkey preparation.
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