Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Je suis Left Shark

So, the Super Bowl was a great game with a great halftime show.  That doesn't' happen so often, but it did this year.  Given that I watch one pro football game a year, and this was it, I'm pretty happy about that.

One of the heroes of the evening was the infamous Left Shark.  In one of her songs, Katy Perry's halftime show featured two dancing sharks.  Well, one of them-- the one on the right as you watch-- was dancing.  The other one was kind of "dancing," in the way that drunk people do when they think they are looking pretty good.  Right shark is obviously following the choreography, while Left Shark is pretty much just hitting himself with his flippers.  Check it out:

I'm planning on doing what I can to work "Right shark/Left shark" into my vocabulary as much as possible, like this:

"IPLawGuy can get a little Left Shark when he plays pool."

"That Nationals' pitching crew is all Right Sharks."

"Man, I need to blow off some steam. Let's go downtown and get our Left Shark on."

All depends on your point of view. I would think the one on the left is in the script as the "right shark"!!!
Aww yeah! It's Friday! Time to let my left shark out for a little swim.
Pete Carroll went all Left Shark on that last play call.
Solid gold, Woody.
Off the point of this thread, but the intro, "je suis," and today's immolation suggest this question? Who may justly condemn Jordan's outrage, for want of a stronger word, and promise of vengeance, including the promise to the execute that female terrorist ISIS wanted released in exchange for the Jordanian pilot?

Is the whole answer, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord," and "Love thine enemies?" Are these sufficient and appropriate strategies for eliminating the threat posed by ISIS, and for dealing with the misery ISIS has generated and promises to generate in future? Where does justice play into this? And mercy?" And the prospect of clemency?

The teachings of Christ are only sufficient and appropriate as a basis of behavior if you are Christian.
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