Friday, February 20, 2015


Haiku Friday: Italian Food

I know this one is a little... specialized, but Italian food is something close to my heart, despite the fact that I'm not at all Italian. 

Here, I will go first:

Susan Stabile stops
"What, you've never had this, Mark?"
I shake head, eager.

Now it is your turn.  Just make it 5 syllables, then 7, then 5...

Mom makes great meatballs.
She taught me how, and so I
make the meatballs now.
Pasta, tomato
oregano, garlic, cheese
Eye Tal EE Ann food?
Gnocchi has my heart
Firm on the outside, pillow
Of delight inside
Pizza pie dinner,
So different in Naples!
Something was missing...
Stepmom’s spaghetti:
Flavors perfectly balanced.
Baseball-sized meatballs.

“Don’t use lean ground beef,”
she says. “More fat is better.”
Her mom’s recipe.

Handed down from mom
to daughter through the years. Or
to daughters-in-law.

(Men don’t cook in this
family) Time-tested. No
need to improvise.

Piles of al dente
pasta mix with sauce so light,
so good, so perfect.

Served as a side dish
on Sundays after church with
fried chicken or roast.

I’ll never enjoy
any other near as much.

Italian sausage,
Peppers, onions on a bun
Italian soul food
Al Dente:

Penne, fusilli,
Fettuccine, linguine,
March 14 it is:
Pot pie, pizza pie ... that day
we eat all things pi!
No one makes meatballs
Like my mom. Not even me.
(My daughter said so.)
In honor of your
Challenge to haiku I food
We dined out on some.

Carino's at six
smaller menu than before
pasta, sauce and bread.

Also to reward
to celebrate discovery
answered on Friday.

My love for him? His
Carbonara,bacon and
Cheese married egg so

Exquisitely that
When you tasted it you closed
Your eyes.Pleasure flowed

Like the blood of a
Satisfied cat from tongue to
Talon. Sated, stretched...bed.

I don't like Crap on
My noodles. Just red Sauce and
Hamburg. No shrooms,dammit!
They got divorced,and
She lay on the Couch alone,
Dazed. But he came home

For her spaghetti once
Italian sausage garlic
Onion peppers chunky

Tomatoes plopped
Into marinara. Crusty
French bread. Home. Once.
Italian Modern Art
Sal Cubist Venus clutching
Fettuccine to square bazooms.
Listen Osler--Geoff sucks!

At least I don't have
A food fetish. Latin lover
You ain't. Al dente,maybe.
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