Friday, February 27, 2015


Haiku Friday: Hopes of Spring

I know that spring is coming.  I like winter, of course; if I didn't, why would I live in Minnesota?  Still, it is the change of seasons that is thrilling.  I love the first snow, I love the first flower, I love that first hot day, and I love the magic of early September, when you need a sweater for the first time in months.

Traditionally, haiku is about nature themes. I don't go there often, but lets do it this week.  Write about the hopes for spring, or a glimpse of it...

I will go first:

The barbecue grill
Huddles beneath the deep snows,
It yearns to breath fire.

Now it is your turn!  Use the 5 syllable/7 syllable/5 syllable formula, and have some fun!

Bound but not stilled,
New life waits for the old surge.
Like a barbecue.
Saturday was spring.
Sunday, snow, etcetera.
Welcome to Texas.
Early peach trees bloom,
But snow flies mercilessly,
No peaches this year.
Purple hyacinth
Inhale Easter memory
Spring c'est arrivé.
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Sunshine melts the snow
But baseball wakes the spirit
Spring training is here!
Snow blankets the yard
A green tip breaks the ice crust
The first Snowdrop; spring
hallelujah Gavin!
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