Tuesday, January 06, 2015


So, just since I am a fan of a team that STILL hasn't won a playoff game since 1903 or something...

I'm going to recap the atrocities from the Lions-Cowboys game on Sunday, which the Cowboys won 24-20.  Much of this was adequately covered by the Sporting News, which included video in their indictment of the outcome.

Here is the basic rundown:

1)  Detroit is ahead 20-17 late in the 4th quarter.  It's third-and-one on the Dallas 46.  The Cowboys commit a pretty obvious pass interference penalty, and the closest ref throws a flag.  The head ref announces the penalty.  BUT THEN, for some reason, they reverse course and say there was no penalty.  Weird.

2)  At 4th and 1 after that play, the Lions punt-- just not very well.  It goes 14 yards before wobbling out of bounds.

3)  The Cowboys then score and win the game.

Originally, I thought that the NFL's head of officiating was on the Cowboy's party bus after the game, but it turns out that was last August.  Still…

I am certainly no fan of the Cowboys (they are the NY Yankees of football) but I too think something is rotten in Denmark. There is no way that was the right call, and it undoubtedly altered the outcome of the game.

However, I never have much sympathy for a team or fanbase that hangs a loss on one bad call. The Lions had 60 minutes to win that game, and to blame the entire outcome on one blown call downplays the fact that players and coaches win or lose games, not referees. A team that blames losses on the things that it cannot control, rather than the things it can, will never be a champion.
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