Friday, January 30, 2015


Haiku Friday: The Street Where You Grew Up...

We all grew up somewhere (or somewheres), and most of us remember it well.  What was your street like?  Let's haiku about that today.

Here, I will go first:

Colonial Road, Grosse Pointe
Narrow street and a big lake;
Glimpsing Canada.

Now it is your turn!  Make the first line 5 syllables, the second line 7, and the third 5, and have some fun with it!

Orchard Lane was short
And (then) I was very small,
That block was my world.
Colonial Road, street hockey,
Doctor Pepper Football team,
Kick the can, good times
Muse Road grew pebbles
Grey,grit dust and a poet.
She learned to walk through

Life barefoot feeling each
Stone,some jagged painful,some
Round with blessed peace.

And she told each stone
To others,hoping to see
Them walk too bold Children.

Hey, Rick! I almost had kick-the-can in mine, too… but that's because we are from the same street.
Sixth Street, Port Arthur.
Across from Lakeview Pool. Ah...
Summers in the water.
Gray house, Damon Drive
Medina in Ohio
Kids, dogs, bikes, fields, woods
Brick house, cul-de-sac
Vienna, Va, sports in street
tramping in the woods
827 Blairmoor
In love with next door neighbor
Unrequited love
From my window on
Via of the Sad Roses
I heard him whistle.

His skin brown as bread.
When he saw me he blew kisses--
I came at dawn ready.
Listen Osler--Geoff usually sucks!

On MulberryStreet
I grew up. Took Geoff home and he
Beat around my bush.

The cops arrested in
ME! Geoff brought Vickie ' s Secret
To cell. Orange knickers.
On Sunningdale Drive:
perfect lawns, towering elms.
suburban paradise?
No "in" after "arrested." The whole thing was a mistake. Boy Howdy!
Mulberry Street Love
I sing your bosomly charm
Cleavage Fiesta!

My street : Hard Knox RFD
Cow Ball was king. Manure wafted
Through: Farmer Chanel.

Me and Mel behind
the shed smokin' joints,drinking
Pabst: "The Days!" Shiiit,Man!
Lake Street, in Brooklyn.
It was only three block long,
with no lake nearby.

Prunes and apricots
The orchards behind us bloomed
Catching bees in hollyhock

Camellias white no
Fragrance.Rabbit hutch in back
A wooden white swing

Daddy made.Pepper's
Chase of mailman sent Heaven
Dog. Dotted Prince dog

Christine Driscoll the
Black Sheep neighbor kid threw
A rock at Toni's head.

Rock's accident. Dad's store
Round Corner Market. We
On Mack Avenue
Kids drove slow at twilight
Looking 'round… looking.
I like that one! Anonymous 8;07pm
The sea was the house
Across my street,at times roaring

Like a bad neighbor
At times it lulled you to sleep
A crashing cradle.
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