Friday, January 16, 2015


Haiku Friday: Coffee

Coffee.  For lots of people, it is built into the fabric of each day.  For others, they… well, they watch other people who are obsessed with coffee.

Let's haiku about coffee today-- our own experiences, general observations, people who drink too much, whatever!  Here, I will go first:

In Waco one day
I took a chance, got a latte
Bam!  A whole new world.

Now it is your turn! Just make if 5/7/5 syllable-wise, and have some fun!

Gas station special:
Dark glop in a big white cup.
Is it motor oil?
Only one cup, black
Please - nothing to dilute it
Need my energy
Dunkin rules Beantown
Regulah DD coffee:
With cream and sugah

Turkish coffee at
every house: Arab wedding
Buzzing for a week

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Deep breath, aroma
waifs through the house, calling my
name; liquid sunshine :)
Not my thing. But load
it up with choc’late, whipped cream?
Mocha, I love you.

Why doesn’t coffee’s
Taste fulfill the promise of
The beans’ aroma?

Coffee tastes yucky!
Bitter strong dense cup of sludge
Bring me some Earl Grey!
I'm not a robot.
Therefore, bring me a latte!
Luscious aroma...
Doppio espresso,
Deep, dark, bitter flavor,
With hint of sugar.
Expert barista
Pours perfect heart in steamed milk
Atop espresso bomb
Tepid brown cesspool
Forms in my cup, unbidden
Begone, foul temptress!
Hercules Java
Guards cup. Ms. Chocolate fancies him.
Slipslide naked bliss.
Does coffee wake you?
Or is it another warm
Shield against day
Coffee is gritty--
Strong Medicine 'gainst inner
Wimp. Tea is Fine Lady.
"Frank Who Drank?" Best alias ever!
Listen ,Kid Ya got
Pie. Ya got Coffee.What more
Do ya need? Stop whinin'!

At the Double R
enjoy a slice of pie and
a fine cup'a Joe
Magic elixir
Bitter tonic sparks the mind
Coffee, I am lost without you!
Those who would invade...
Simple Weapon? Destroy all
Our Coffee Supply

Create listless Land,
Sleepy Americans who
Can not function ! Score!

Late night glow of Bar
Old Bushmills,whip cream coffee
Heart cockles Ignite!
Note to self:: only
Bring coffee in bed to Sal
When fully clothed. OUCH!
Listen Osler--Geoff sucks!

Geoffrey: gentleman??
Hell no! Brings coffee so I'll
Be Awake for Whoopie!
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