Friday, January 09, 2015


Haiku Friday: Best Best Best Burgers...

Here in Minneapolis, there is something called the Juicy Lucy.  It's a hamburger grilled with cheese on the inside, and done right it is just awesome.  It's the perfect burger.  

Let's haiku about that today.  Here, I will go first:

Grab it right up, fresh
Bite down… ow!  That cheese is hot!
Gotta wait a bit.

Now it is your turn… just use the 5/7/5 syllable formula, and have some fun!

Had a burger with
Mac and cheese on top of it.
Sinful. Delicious.
El Cap, Kings, Five Guys
Satisfy a primal need...
with cheese and onion
Eat veggie burgers
Don't go in expecting meat
Good in their own right
My mother ate her
Burger with her entire self:
Pure Unbridled Relish.
O Convention Grill--
California Cheese Burger
I eat you: HEAVEN!
Long for the Kitok
Asian Restaurant Burger
Best I ever had.
Blue cheese and bacon,
Caramelized onions.
A sirloin burger.
Bison, peppercorn
Timothy's in Newark Del
Perfection on tongue
No love for Big Boy?
Sloppy burger goodness, yum!
Good at two a.m.
They say, "Where you get
that big, welfare, green-pepper
burger?" And you cry.

-Eddie Murphy
Robert Johnson posts
the funniest haiku
I've seen in years, man
Matt's. Blue Door. The Nook.
Let's try em all, find the best.
Hand me my fat pants.
Two all beef patties
special sauce, lettuce, onion...
Where's the beef?
Bacon smooches angus
Who insinuated cheddar
Who romance tomato

Who Sashayed Pickle
Who was aroma'd by Red
Onion,all BBQ sauced!
Let us buss over
Chopped beef succulent,
Drippings seek onion

Mate with any bread
To make taste buds tantalize---
Raise Mustard yellow praise

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