Monday, January 19, 2015


Haiku fever!

Wow!  There were some two dozen haikus last week on the topic of coffee… check them all out here.  You might have your own favorite, but I admired Craig A.'s admission that people in Boston actually think the coffee at Dunkin' Donuts is good:

Dunkin rules Beantown
Regulah DD coffee:
With cream and sugar

He gets bonus points for the accent and the double-meaning reference to "Beantown!"

Mark … for the record … it is “regulah” and “sugah.”

A good friend from Atlanta was visiting a mutual friend in MA last year. They stopped at a DD and my Atlanta friend ordered a regular coffee (to him … black, nothing added) … and blanched when he took his first taste … full of cream and sugar … a “regular” DD coffee in New England.
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