Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Gas n' Milk

I'm still not used to gas being under $2 a gallon, but it looks like that will be the case for at least the next several months.  Politically, this has some great effects, not the least of which is hobbling the Russian economy better than any sanctions we might impose.  Air travel (over time) should become cheaper, and more money should be coming into the broader economy that is usually funneled to energy costs.  And I don't mind paying less.  

Finally, too, a bizarre anomaly has been reversed.  For many years, gas was more expensive, per gallon, than milk.  It was an easy comparison to make, since many gas stations sell milk, priced per gallon.  

This made no sense to me.  Oil is pumped out of the ground by the barrel, refined and shipped.  Pretty easy.  Milk, on the other hand… you gotta raise and milk a cow every day!  It just made no sense that milk would be cheaper than gas.  Part of the reason for this skewed market was government subsidies, of course.

Now, however, the world makes sense again-- milk costs more than gas.

Ha - I think the milk industry lost some of its subsidy's when Congress couldn't pass a full farm bill. Thus the rise in the cost of milk. And don't look at the price of butter. Just as bad as milk.
That the price of milk is rising is good news for the alternatives, including "milk" made from nuts, etc. However, there may also be some bad side effects. Oxalates in nuts and other foods can cause kidney stones, among other deposits, and calcium in the digestive system is necessary to keep the oxalates out of the blood stream and in the solid waste. Substituting almond milk (almonds are high in oxalates) for cows milk is contraindicated for people who may be susceptible to kidney stones, which is usually unknown until they exist and are causing pain.
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