Saturday, January 24, 2015


Fake Service Dogs on Planes...

Not long ago, I was checking in for a flight, and the couple ahead of me had two dogs with them.  The dogs were wearing service dog-style vests and ID tags, but…

Well, they didn't seem like very well trained dogs.  They tried to run away a few times, they barked a lot, and at one point got in a fight with one another.  The longer I was around them, the more it bugged me

I love being around dogs that are doing what they were bred to do.  I have gone dog-sledding, and it was incredible to see the dogs straining to go, trying to get picked for the team.  I've hunted with bird dogs, and was amazed at their abilities and loved how happy they were doing it.  In my work as  prosecutor, I got to know some remarkable and incredibly disciplined dogs trained to detect drugs and explosives.  I have friends who use well-trained service dogs, and understand how important they can be, and what a unique and valuable service they provide to people with physical handicaps and allergies.

But this was just messy.  As I walked to the plane, I could still hear them barking aimlessly.  I think this can't be good for real service dogs, who are needed and important.

Apparently, the rules are pretty lax about service-type dogs on planes.  According to the "Dog Registry" website, (which sells a "Emotional Support Dog ID Kit" for $155 including vest), an "emotional support dog" is allowed on planes for free just like a service dog, only without all the training and discipline.

And yeah, the dogs were on the plane, with all the accompanying antics.  Sigh.

Hum for $155 I can take Yogi on the plane with me but then I wouldn't be able to sit in the emergency exit row. I think I'll stick with trying to get my leg room.
Well,I never!!! Finally a cranky post from The Professor...normally so gosh darn affable! I love it! I don't know what the protocol is for service dogs,but don't they have to show some legitimate certificate to show that they have been thusly trained or just have the appropriate costume? They probably have fake i.d. for the bar too!! And what about their little dog passports!!! I'll put it out there and see what my airline sources have to say. I'll - behaved children or dogs,Machts nicht. Ganz schrecklich! Sorry,Dear Professor.
Your "Dog Registry" links to LoLo's Seafood :)
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