Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Waco Manhunt under way after shooting...

According to the Waco Trib, TV weatherman Patrick Crawford was shot three times outside the studio where he works south of Waco.  His station, KCEN, reported that he was attacked by a white man in his mid-30's.  Crawford survived the shooting, and the suspect is on the loose.  

It's an odd crime.  As someone whose career revolves around criminal law, some cases stick out because the facts just don't fit together well.  The Michael Brown case was one of those of course-- where the explanations given for the killing didn't fit what we would expect to happen.  The most common homicide scenarios involve a robbery gone wrong and a heated argument.  This sounds more like a stalking case-- where the killer tracked the victim to his work.  Those are more unusual and more complex.

In a town like Waco, being on TV is a big deal (though the pay doesn't reflect it, I think).  I still quote two different Waco weathermen, and I haven't lived there for four years.  People will pay more attention to this case than others.  

Meanwhile, I'm hoping the victim emerges alive and healthy...

latest word is that he is out of surgery and is resting comfortably, ca. 2 hours ago.
Today, the weatherman is recovering nicely thanks to the kind help he received after the attack.

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