Saturday, December 06, 2014


The Non-Pizza Lunch

What a week!  Back at my alma mater, I got to give a talk on clemency and faith, debate my old friend Rich Sullivan on narcotics policy, meet with 30 other people working with students on clemency cases, and meet with about a dozen Yale Law students at one time or another to talk about writing projects, job prospects, and the Law Journal.

So… a few days ago I posted pictures of a few of the posters from this week.  Many people are wondering:  What is this promise of a "non-pizza lunch?"

Well… first of all, it's not a non-lunch, it's just a lunch that is something other than pizza.  Apparently, YLS charges a $50 fee to organizations to clean up after a lunch, but waives it if the lunch is pizza.  (I heard a few various theories about why this might be).  As a result, they get a LOT of pizza at events, and a non-pizza lunch is a big deal...

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