Sunday, December 28, 2014


Sunday Reflection: Yearly accounting

One of the things I see over and over in the Gospels is very simple: We are charged with finding and correcting our own faults, not those of others.  In other words, Christ taught an ethic of personal accountability, not other-accountability (and blaming others for not being personally accountable is not consistent with this ethic).

As I have said before, the week leading to New Year's Day has always had a certain kind of spiritual depth for me.  The end of the calendar year is meaningless in itself, like the odometer flipping, but I give it meaning as a time for reviewing my year and recognizing what went right and what went wrong.  Already, I am coming to some conclusions about that.  I recognize that at times I needed to be gentler and more patient; unfortunately at times others have had to pay the price for my unnecessary busyness.

Also, in the coming year, I think I will use more emoticons.

That sounds like a resolution (the emoticons) that you can keep. Being responsible for your own actions and missteps? Much, much harder.
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