Sunday, December 21, 2014


Sunday Reflection: Commitment to what's wrong

I find it painful to read things about people who cling to an untruth.  Most recently, it was Dick Cheney defending the use of torture, despite its utter discrediting.  I saw it in George Bush's assertion that war in Iraq was the right thing to do, despite the lack of a positive outcome and the loss of life and taxpayers money.  I see it with prosecutors who cling to discredited convictions, and I have even seen it in myself with a few of my decisions that have turned out to be wrong (such as over-sentencing drug defendants).

It is hard to admit we were wrong, but it is harder still when such an admission means we damaged other people.  In sympathy, for example, to George Bush or Dick Cheney, think what it means if they are wrong: It would mean that they destroyed the lives of others for no discernible benefit.  For prosecutors, you are put in the position of looking at someone and saying that they should lose their freedom (or even their life).  And if you are wrong?  That's too big a burden to bear.

At Christmas, there is new hope.  Like the baby Jesus, though, it has to come from a humble place, one where we are not exalted and powerful.  It is a difficult place to go, but God provides us with a good example, one that we see re-created in every Christmas pageant and manger scene in this season of truth...

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