Sunday, December 14, 2014


Sunday Reflection: Christmas and Advent

Today, getting ready for a little party, I stopped at the store to get a bag of ice and a fire log.  The cashier said "Huh-- fire and ice."  I laughed.  It's a juxtaposition I have seen before.

December is an odd time for Christians who care about the liturgical calendar.  It is advent, a time dedicated to quiet and reflection and waiting.  It has a unique place, and one that is all the more important now.  The "Christmas" season, by that calendar, does not begin until Christmas day.

At the same time, though, the society we live in celebrates the entire month as "Christmas."  That cultural season offers values completely the opposite of advent-- a loud frenzy of commercialism and parties.

As I get older, I am starting to see the dual nature of things, and this is one of them.  It is advent and Christmas, all at once.  They stand for opposite things, but sit beside one another, tangled up, in our own lives.  We create corners of quiet, but also wade into the tumult.  People lament the tension between the two, but I am beginning to see the connectedness....

Just as the most devout Christian is a sinner.
Every “yes” to something is a “no” to something else. Essence though lies in reconciling the choice.
How wonderfully written and thank you ‘all’ for the reflections your words inspire.

Just as Heaven and earth are “tangled up, in our lives, . . . tension between the two,” joins us – each to the other.

From a Christian perspective, in many ways, is there any wonder why the miracle at Cana may best express the Eucharistic sacrifice and promise? The Gift of ‘A Child’ preceded our greatest Gift received; which in turn was preceded by, “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

As may be our want to “. . . serve the (our) choice wine first;” during the “loud frenzy . . . and parties” of life – it is not until we are willing to pour out completely our greatest Gifts before (as Jesus said, “My hour has not yet come.”) will the Eucharist become more than the limiting memorial and model many have restricted it to be.

We need empty ourselves repeatedly ‘before’ Jesus can continue to fill us to the brim. As the waiter ‘in charge’ said, “What you have done is keep the choice wine until now.” – reserved daily for each of us.

An Advent ‘and’ Christmas Gift offered . . .
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