Monday, December 08, 2014


Sally! Geoffrey! Behave!

What am I to make of this from last Friday?:

 Mustang's Former Sally said...

Listen Osler--Geoff sucks.

Geoff wore red long johns
Backwards trap door in front.So
Always ready for love

 Geoffrey Mustang Boy said...

Sal's winter nightie
Lavender Flannel pink rosebuds
Impregnable buttons.

This over NFL sweatpants
Stainless steal chastity belt
"Undies." Impregnable.

'Curling up with a good book' might not solve Mustang's Former Sally's plight

They both might have to wait for the next rendition of the current 'Viagra' ads on the air - Pfizer's advertising team might be up for the challenge . . .
Listen Osler--Geoff sucks

Sex is a part of LIFE,Osler. Get used to it! And human life (and occasionally Pickles and pandas) is what this blog is all about. So there! And twice on Sundays!
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