Monday, December 22, 2014



My favorite haiku from last week:

I actually hate
Baby It's Cold Outside
No Guitar Solo!

And now, "Let It Go"
From Frozen, A Christmas Song?
COLD equals Christmas?

Best rock Carol:
"All I Want For Christmas is
You" done by Foghat.

I'm not sure about the Foghat song, but I think the man asks a good question about "Frozen"...

Great choice. Frozen is not a Christmas song. But Foghat? Really. You should do a Christmas CD is just recommendations from IPLawGuy
*that is
A little history about the song from Wikipedia...

"Until the late 1990s, the song was considered more of a pop standard and not a Christmas song. When the Big Band/Adult Standards format became widely employed on AM radio stations in the 70's and 80's, this song was widely played on that format. As contemporary artists began recording the song, the All Christmas format during Advent (and in some cases a couple weeks before) began to grow in 2001, and stations began looking for more product, this song began to be played by various artists that had recorded it. In 2014, several artists recorded the song and three versions are being widely played as well as versions from other years."
I don't know why we're having a discussion about Christmas music when Bad Religion definitely solved all Christmas-related quandaries last year.
He really wanted imbue his haiku with Foghat. I just like to say,"Foghat." And to of course,wonder,what IS the appropriate hat to wear in the fog? Does a foghat come with built-in LED lights,or,the ever romantic lanterns. That would make a lovely picture hat indeed.
I liked it!
Oh, I need to get the Bad Religion Christmas CD!!! Way cool
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