Friday, December 26, 2014


Haiku Friday: Boxing day!

I'm  not sure what boxing day is all about.  My first guess, that it was about boxing up Christmas gifts, was met with guffaws of disdain by a small group of Canadians.  Apparently, it is not about the sport of boxing, either.  

Given that, let's just haiku about the gifts we gave and received, as objects or otherwise.  

Here, I will go first:

Those who love music
They love it a lot. For them,
Shopping is easy.

Now it is your turn!  Just make it more or less 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and have some fun with it!

A tricycle is
A difficult thing to wrap,
So I rode it in.
Hot pink boxes with
Green and blue dachshund china.
Love me some wieners!
Gave IPLawGuy
A brand new Barcalounger
He is still asleep.
He used his own cash
to treat Mom's feet to a spa.
'Twas a thoughtful gift!
A live brown bear?
Whose idea was that? Even
If the kid asked...
He had all my love
Even before Christmas
So no gift will do
Young Yeller's keyboard
Player,my son Dallas, got

From Mama. And Pride.
Creating art and music each
Day. Keeping body

And soul strong. What more
Could I wish for? What more indeed?
Grandchildren like him.
In manila envelope
White cloud cases pinkroses
Cross-stitched sky blue ribbons

Came from a friend of
Of the heart. I imagined
Them on Wedding Bed.

I told Sal: "Good News!
It's Boxing Day! She punched my
Lights out.Damn New Gloves
Listen Osler--Geoff sucks.

I asked for leather gloves
Italian,red. I got
Boxing gloves?! Saw red.
She asked impossible:
Flacon de Chanel.He was
Laid off.Only her.
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