Friday, December 19, 2014


Haiku Friday: Best songs of the season

Year after year, IPLawGuy tells me how much the Twisted Sister song shown above means to him: When he first heard it, how he plays it as he decorates the tree, etc. etc. etc.

I may not agree with him about the song (or at least this version), but I appreciate the sentiment.  Let's blog about holiday music today-- any holiday of the season-- that we either love or despise.

Here, I will go first:

My mom in the choir
Singing "Silent Night," candlelit
That gets me each year.

Now it is your turn...  Just make it 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and have some fun!

Jingle Bells, oh yuck!
No one sings that song so well
Grate of the season.
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IPLawGuy loves
"Baby It's Cold Outside"
But a Christmas song?
The "Love Actually"
All I Want for Christmas Is You
Totally rocks it!
Once enjoyed Christmas
Serenades from Amy Grant CD’s
So over played … Ahhhh!

Nothing like a good
Rendition of Greensleeves to
Put me in the mood
Oh, to hear him sing!
To this day, he doesn't know
he mesmerized me

that winter ev'ning
with an enchanting duet:
his voice is music.
I actually hate
Baby It's Cold Outside
No Guitar Solo!

And now, "Let It Go"
From Frozen, A Christmas Song?
COLD equals Christmas?

Best rock Carol:
"All I Want For Christmas is
You" done by Foghat

Rare Rockabilly
Carol "Rock & Roll Santa"
Little Joey rocks!
Foghat? That's a real band?
Can we please have IPLawGuy's whole Christmas playlist?
Here is my list:

"Bubba Done Took My Christmas Tree" by Joe Fatts and his Mama

"Grumpy Gator Christmas" by the Cajun Onions

"Tramp Stamp Christmas," by the Spotted Cats

"Ye Gilded Quaffle" by the Royal Oarsmen

"Lights in Danny's Hair" by the Skip Castro Band

"Oh Come, Marianne Faithful," by Lon Swaggart, Sr.

"The Sweet Smell of Christmas (Fart This Way)" by Dale Earnheart, Jr, Kyle Petty, and Lon Swaggart, Sr.

"That Christmas Brisket Just Ain't Sittin' Right," by Norman Oklahoma and Blasters
My dad belting out
"Fall on your knees," with Mathis.
Yes, a holy night.
My Christmas Playlist is just to listen to the Osler Christmas CDs over and over and over and over.

But I do like:
Mojo Nixon's "Jingle Bells" to the tune of Louie Louie
-Jingle Bell Rock
-Keith Richards' version of Run Run Rudolph
-Last Train Home's Christmas in St Paul
-and many more. I have like 100 rock and blue Christmas CDs


There is a band called Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Don't think they have a Christmas record
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