Thursday, December 11, 2014


Advent Quiet Thursday

I have friends who are much better at quiet and contemplation than I am; my friend Susan Stabile is pretty much an expert at it.  Many of those friends have a place that they go to, that is reserved for that-- a prayer space or meditation room or even a quiet place in the woods.

I've never had that.  To be honest, there are times that my calmest moments, my stillest reflections, come when I am in a crowd and profoundly un-alone.

There are times that I walk down a street in New York City.  The sidewalk is crowded, and the city is noisy.  Something happens; I watch the people passing, and then I think about the people there, and then move on to a different, calmer plane-- something beyond thinking, I guess.  There is a part of my brain that is taking care of business (wait for the walk sign... don't step in the manhole...), but most of it is in the kind of calm space that others find in quieter places.

Most likely moments ordained. . .

There is a Grace and Blessing offered only to humanity – physical love. The knowledge we are each held in God’s embrace is a love ‘cold’ – without physical warmth.

The warm embrace of another so special. To end the day with a kiss good night, silent prayer and to experience the physical transfer of love to another - not necessarily in love’s act - but in the intimacy of embrace enabling two to become one, is a Gift Divine.

To be offered a morning anew, awaked to visions of the Lord’s kind eyes, gentle smile and His voice, ’wake up you sleepy head(s) there is work to be done’ is invitation to walk with Jesus another day unburdened from expectation and offered an intimacy as special.

Most often in His presence, ‘calm’ the Gift as along the way we encounter His children – “. . . think(ing) about the people there,” giving of self and sharing as opportunity presents.

To gather, our calling to ‘gather’ for Him. . .
"Ordained" is a great word...
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