Wednesday, December 31, 2014


A big, big New Year's day!

So, I have been kind of sick-- in bed all day yesterday, and the doctor recommended a "complete head replacement."  I'm doing my best to get better by Thursday, though, since it will be the best football day of the year.

First up at 11:30 Central is the Cotton Bowl, with Baylor playing Michigan State.  I'll be watching at home with two special guests (and Razorites):  Baylor Prof. the Spanish Medievalist, and Michigan State grad Sleepy Walleye. I hope they don't get in a fight.  

Later in the day, the two playoff games will feature Oregon and Florida State in the Rose Bowl, and Alabama and Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl.  Plus,  Minnesota is playing Missouri in the Citrus Bowl, and Michigan will be playing in theā€¦ well, they got a new coach.

my son and I are MSU grads, with five degrees from there between us. My daughter, SIL, brother, sister-in-law, niece, her husband, are Baylor grads. Wife has a degree from Truett at Baylor. And living in Waco, I also root for Baylor. Needless to say, we will root for a clean, well-played (error free?) game, without enmity.
Waco Friend--

Oddly, I have no such conflict! No one in my family, even extended family, went to either school. Baylor was kind enough to employ me for ten years, though, so I will root for them....
Good call, Prof.

Happy New Year.
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