Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The horse knows the way, to carry the sleigh...

As a kid, whenever I sang "Over the River and Through the woods…" I always wondered about that sleigh and the white and drifting snow-- where the heck did these people live, where the snow was already in drifts by Thanksgiving?

Now I know.

It's been a disconcertingly early winter here in Minnesota, with the snow falling and temperatures in the single digits. The ski areas are up and running, and the high school nordic team is out in full force.  

Usually, I am upset when I see Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but in the snow it seems ok.  In fact, unless we get a serious melt I'm not going to be able to put decorations out at all.  

I love the snow, though.  I love the quiet it brings, the smoothness of the world, the slower pace we all must have when we walk and drive.  I love glancing into the park and seeing a lone skater, blades cutting the ice against a backdrop of green and white and brown, cutting rounded lines into the clear, cold ice.

This is lovely.
I went for a walk in the snow last night after my dad passed away. I stood silently as the snow gently drifted down upon me. I knew he was near. Beauty surrounded me in silence and peace.
May your father, you, your family and friends be in many prayers this day and for days to come. . .

God Bless
Thank you Christine.
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