Sunday, November 09, 2014


Sunday Reflection: Living in the moment

"Live in the moment" is one of those phrases I always thought was just wrong.  I read it to mean that you shouldn't worry about or plan for the future, just enjoy whatever is happening right now.  It seemed narcissistic and self-centered.  When people would say it, I would roll my eyes.  

Then, something happened, something quiet and gentle, but it is often quiet, gentle things that really change us.

The last time I was in Richmond, I was sitting at the bottom of a hill at the University of Richmond, talking to some of the students there.  It was a beautiful evening, dusk, with that gorgeous filtered light and soft air that you get in Virginia sometimes.  

At the top of the hill, walking towards me, I saw my friend Craig Anderson with his wife Lori.  He looked tall and happy and strong.  In that moment, that precise moment, my heart leapt with joy.  It was a powerful thing.  Craig had battled cancer, a terrible bout, and beaten it.  Now, there he was, alive, well, whole.  That instant was perfect: that moment of realization, joy, and gratitude.

Maybe that was "living in the moment," in a good way.  I let myself feel that joy, express it, live it without compromise.  It was only a moment-- I had a presentation to give-- but one of the best moments of all.  I would imagine that at the end of life, that is what we are left with.

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