Thursday, November 20, 2014


Political Mayhem Thursday: Executive Action on Immigration Policy

The New York Times is glad that President Obama will announce new executive action on immigration policy tonight, but many others are unhappy.  It is expected that the administration will act to shield millions of immigrants from deportation.  

It certainly seems that the president does have the authority to use discretion in enforcing (and not enforcing) federal laws.  In fact, I have personally urged the federal government not to enforce a perfectly valid law barring marijuana possession. The question now is whether or not he has the right to negate the current laws on immigration through inaction.  Here, it appears that the President is acting in part out of frustration with the House of Representatives, which has failed to pass any immigration legislation.

What do you think?

No matter how hot the rhetoric from both sides, it has been 200 years, this past August, since the last significant ‘Blaze’ in Washington. Maybe the cowardly habit of our elected officials running from ‘any heat’ in the congressional kitchen to their benefactor’s cable or radio broadcast sets to pontificate will someday be the spark that returns governing to the intended benefactors – ‘We the People’ . . .

Only in Washington are ‘one finger’ hand gestures across the aisle rewarded with tenure – fleeting as it may be. For turning a blind eye to the many eventually births change unwelcome.

Embers of grassroots and public achievements focusing on human rights, equal justice, voting rights, clean air and water, sustainable energy, efficiencies and economies of scale, a living wage, fair food programs like CIW, education reform, sentencing guidelines, to name a few – coupled with emerging, restless young minds will alter the course of ‘natural selection’ and eventually kindle another ‘Blaze’ – an implosion of the bastions of influence, privilege and cronyism many currently scurry to as safe haven. . .

Wide rifts are eventually bridged. (And yes, many in high places will survive to dance another day - after the dance card has been altered) Though someone always strike the next match. . .
CC, I worry that the next generation is so turned off by politics, though, that they won't engage in these issues….
Is it politics that has energized so many who follow and contribute to your blog to actively lead (many quietly - loud) in family, work circles, parish / organization, community outreach, etc? Each in our own way and at times appropriate we imprint change.

Marketplace choices have me driving a more efficient car, designing more efficient projects that reduce dependancy on fossil fuels, consuming more products labeled made in USA. . .

Though slow the progress of change for many my age, our children seem destined to move the marketplace, and society forward inspite of their elders stumbles. . .

Our support fully in home, heart and in faith provides more influence than all the political rhetoric 'we' often embrace and follow in media that our children have tuned out - while they continue to contribute significantly to so much of the change that has / continues to take place
I think this is something that every politician should be involved in and not an executive decision taken by the President alone. Whether we like it or not immigrants are an intrinsic part of this nation’s identity. There are many bones of contention on the issue and they don’t all come from our monumental do-nothing House of Representatives, a good number come from the legal immigrants who went through great pains to be here. But nevertheless FOB or Mayflower, right here right now we are in the same boat and we all have to keep it from sinking.
Marta, don't forget that the Senate doesn't do much either.
As it turns out all that has transpired is that millions of immigrants can have a Christmas free of the threat of deportation. A stress free time with their families. Nothing else happened except for the fact that some folks think that this freedom from fear was extended by the wrong guy.

It IS a comforting thought that many now living here will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving (also my my favorite holiday to share), Christimas and many moments together while unburdened by a little less fear. . .

The peace, comfort and joy of early Mass this morning, a little jazz mixed with design, the last half of the Gopher win in Nebraska, and thoughts of this Thursday still could not shake Michele Bachmman's words about the President's executive action on Immigration.

“The social cost will be profound on the U.S. taxpayer — millions of unskilled, illiterate, foreign nationals coming into the United States who can’t speak the English language,” (Washington Post) still sickens me. . .

And I am sure she is correct, the social cost of the, mostly Hispanic, immigrants / illegals, etc. . already here and others that will continue to find their way (though at one of the slowest rates in many years) is a financial burden that affects us all. Although, an opportunity for them to step out of 'darkness' and enter the tax paying workforce seems to offer benefits of its own.

Have laws been broken, yes - many. . . And employer's illegal hiring does not completely excuse the actions of those seeking employment here - though for the most part, Hispanic workers are some of the most respectful, hardworking and pleasant people I encounter daily as they continually contribute 'soooo' much to the quality of life for so many.

Not to mention the wonderful relationships afforded me through my involvement in the construction industry - it is the spontaneous, enjoyable moments similar to my local Cub grocery, where it is often impossible (and kind of embarrassing) to not cause a commotion being addressed by name, traversing and conversing through produce and deli about family, children, suburban Mexico City, or Costa Rica while someone selects for me the finest that is grown or personally slices my cold-cut selection (all the while the display case remains over flowing)

How can anyone proclaiming to be a Christian and espousing 'family values' speak this way of another? The Hispanic families that occupy pews in our parishes are often as devout, if not more so, than anyone in the congregations.

All would benefit if conversation and concern were addressed looking directly into another's eyes and not to their shoulders and back - shoulders and backs often exploited for one's benefit while often disparaging another's existence.

Will the 'gain' many accrue to themselves at the expense of another ever accrue enough 'wealth of soul' to draw upon at the moment when 'words spoken, heard and acted upon' are recounted during the impending day of reckoning many supposed 'faithful' often warn others of?
Christine Charles Undocumented workers do pay taxes. They just don't get benefits as they do not get a Social Security #. They are assigned a special # for their taxes. Long term illegal immigrants with decent jobs pay taxes and receive no government benefits.
The President can not correct this injustice, only Congress can. Not going to happen real soon.

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