Thursday, November 13, 2014


Political Mayhem Thursday: College Football Madness!

So, get this:  Baylor is 8-1, and tied for first in the Big 12.  They whomped Oklahoma last week, 48-14, and looked good doing it.  It's been a great season, with their only loss coming on a trip to scary, scary West Virginia.

In the latest ranking of teams by the committee that is choosing the four teams that will be in the championship playoff, though, the Bears are ranked 7th.  That's a little strange, given that they are three points behind 8-1 TCU, whom the Bears beat head-to-head earlier in the season.  In other words, these two teams played a game, one of them won, and now the other is ranked in a position to get into the playoff. 

Among other oddities of the rankings, one-loss Oregon is ahead of undefeated Florida State, the defending national champion.

But here is the thing about the TCU/Baylor debate... it may all come down to how Minnesota does in its last three games.  And Minnesota is the other team I have been rooting for lately.

See, if Minnesota wins two of its final three games-- against Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska-- or maybe even just one of those, it makes TCU look better, since TCU beat Minnesota 30-7 earlier this year.  TCU's supposedly superior strength of schedule depends on the Gophers.

So, if I want to see Baylor in the playoff, I should want Minnesota to lose.  But I don't.  I'm kind of thrilled by how well they are doing.

What's a guy to do?

According to Steve Ratner's charts this morning on "Morning Joe" - no one in Minnesota cares about college football. Put your Texas hat on and root for Baylor.
What’s a lady to do?

Is it possible the “Commission For Corporate Greed And Money In Politics” has its twin’s (“private internet”) tentacles in the internet? My Comcast bundle will soon require a second mortgage to keep me ‘connected’ – although the flat panel in my design studio has brought me many enjoyable Gopher football moments this fall.

Approaching game 7 of the recent Baseball World Series, the ‘Fall Classic’ was on the verge of being the lowest-rated ever – sorry Bear’s fans, another commission may have already determined the ‘money train’ is best served with the Seminoles, Ducks and Tide joining Cinderella Mississippi State in the championship hunt.

The ‘Winter Winds of the North’ may flash freeze the Buckeyes this Saturday, though those pesky Gophers will still have a date with ‘Big Red’ and his boys in Lincoln and end their campaign with a trip to Camp Randall – yikes Baylor followers, should you hitch your title hopes to a maroon and gold wagon!!!

Although, I would surmise coach Kill is ‘Living in the Moment’ enjoying his good health this season and savoring the ‘Jug’ of memories and visions of sweet recipes Floyd’s presence would add to a corn fed victory in Nebraska – and what better than an ‘Ax’ to swing this winter to keep the home fires burning while rewinding and replaying their season of ‘Live in the Moment’ memories this off season. . .

Is not life made of one live in the moment experience after another? Most cultures have their own ‘Creation’ mythology which shapes many of their ‘moments’. . .

End of life may offer no more than a 50/50 promise of life hereafter – with beliefs and / or faith often responsible for how we chronicle our ‘Live in the Moment’ experiences. Would belief in a finite existence not foster a continual quest to achieve and add to a personal ‘Bucket List’? Equally as compelling are the moments inspired by faith in the here-after when our hearts accept suffering and sorrow or unexpectedly leap for joy as we live out our calling as best we can – no remorse or celebrations for shortcomings or successes, only thanksgiving for faith to face life’s challenges and encounters and the hope and promise of tomorrow.

Who knows what the end of life will bring, other than a desire to know. . . The passport of life may be stamp upon stamp chronicling our bucket list, destined to gather dust, be forgotten or lost forever. Or possibly the sequence of stamps in our passport may become the foundation of the place prepared for us in the here-after, an eternity of the fruits of our hard labor representing the openness of our hearts to give and receive. Our paradise envisioned - that comes with a twist, who will choose to share ‘our paradise’ with us?

Will how we “Live in the moment” foretell our future and who we share it with?
Root your heart out for Minnesota. God Bless the Gophers! Baylor's season comes down to two games at McLane and one game at Jerry World. There is nothing complicated about the 2014 campaign. BU completely controls their own destiny. We need three wins. We need to play up to our potential for all three games. Nothing really matters outside of the universe of three football fields in Texas on three particular Saturdays. #SicEmBears!
You could root for Baylor and Minnesota, then root for Kansas, Texas and Iowa State when they play TCU. A second loss for them should help our case, especially if it is a game they are expected to win.
I don't think I could ever root for Iowa State…

And welcome back, CC!
While I think the committee is needlessly valuing strength of schedule over head-to-head for two teams that will play 9 common opponents (and already played each other), I think the they will have no choice but to give Baylor the nod if we finish at 11-1.

I say that because: 1) TCU's ranking is predicated on it's superior strength of schedule to date, and that gap will close significantly once Baylor plays OSU, Tech, and KSU; and 2) TCU is getting the Gopher bump from (top 25???) Minnesota (7-2)--but Minnesota has yet to beat a decent team, and is likely to drop all three of it's upcoming games against tOSU, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

As Baylor's SOS improves, and assuming Minnesota is actually Minnesota and the "B1G" is actually the Big Ten, I suspect the committee will finally see the error of its froggy ways.

As for who to root for--Kansas (epic underdog), Texas ('cause...Charlie Strong?), and Iowa State (because you're not really rooting for ISU, but against TCU, and that's what matters). Cheer for Goldy if you must, but not too hard.
Make it easy on yourself, and everyone around you. Cheer for Florida State :-)
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