Friday, November 14, 2014


Haiku Friday: Mis-heard

Earlier this week, I was driving along and heard President Obama speaking in China after meeting with that nation's President Xi.  For whatever reason, it sounded like Obama was saying "President Cheese," and until I got the full context of what was going on (I had started listening in the middle of the speech, and didn't know where he was), I thought he was referring to "President Cheese."  I was very curious about this President Cheese, imagining that logically it could only be that Mayor McCheese had been elected to the top spot in his native country, Sweden.

So, let's haiku about things we mis-heard today-- in songs, speeches, terrifying children's books, whatever.

Here, I will go first:

This President Cheese,
Is he a gouda leader?
Sing "Hail to the Ched!"

Now, you go!  Use the 5/7/5 syllable formula, and have some fun...  

Blinded by the light
Wrapped up like a douche? Not right
Manfred Man's gaffe
"New Jersey?" she asked
confusing me, so again:
Fred Hass car lot ads.
On my car radio, the
F and H aren’t heard.

“What is a Red Ass
Toyota? Do I want one?”
I wonder out loud.

(Houstonians: I know it’s really spelled “Haas,” but it’s pronounced “Hass” so I spelled it the way I heard it.)

JJ Seal, PC:
"He took a Fah Pah!" Uh, what?
Oh, ok... a "fried pie."

Whatever THAT is.
Jo-ohsé can you see?
Who is José? Where is he?
Why are we asking?
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