Friday, November 21, 2014


Haiku Friday: Giving thanks

There really is no other good topic for this week, or one more appropriate.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all; I love the idea that animates it, the absence of commercialism attached to it, and the sense of quiet and love that can come with it.

Let's haiku today about something we will thanks for this year.

I will go first.

These students I teach:
They each bring their own wisdoms
Some days I just sow.

Now it is your turn: write about something you care for, and use the 5/7/5 syllable recipe....

It's rainy, cold, dark,
November, a time for rest,
Slow down and give thanks.
Each day I wake up
With a roof over my head.
Many others don't.
Luckenbach, Texas.
Everyone bring a dish for
Wounded Warriors.
No other fam'ly
near, but so grateful to have
my kids here with me.
Thankful? Oh, no,no.
Turkey's a carcinogen
Pumpkin pie, poison.
This year has brought love
In unanticipated
Form. Such joy abounds.
What did she put in
The oven? What she knew of
Lovingkindness. All

The savory flavors
To meld there.The singular
Hopes for each child. Rise,

Darlings. Simply be...
You divine. Reach for it.Grab
Good like pie with cream
I am alive and still
See the green under the snow
Children make me laugh.

Poems make my blood
Sizzle. Talk love to a wise
Dog and a wise God.
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