Monday, October 13, 2014



17 great haiku last week-- check them out here!  I think people loved this one from Wee Dram Geordie:

African cabbie
Physiognomy finely
Molded.Honey voice.Where is he from?
Ask it. Ask it. I

Force myself to wait.---
Ethiopian..Thank God.
I shake his hand strong.

What must it be to
Be sick, one to
hold you..Forgive me.

And this from Antonia:

You can not control It
All,Carlo,my mio. Soon
The Ender of Things

Will catch you dreaming,
Tenderskin,and place a wen
The shape of an isle

On your latte chest.
Or an obstacle in your
Inner home and it

Will be travel time
Again as it was once,when
You were fresh from Heaven

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