Tuesday, October 14, 2014


What a Game!!!!

I was only watching from afar, but the TCU-Baylor game on Saturday was amazing-- Baylor pulled out a win in the last second, after being 24 points down in the 4th quarter.  I almost turned off the TV with about 11 minutes left, and I'm really glad that I didn't!

Meanwhile, though, it is hard not to worry about the state of college football, and football in general.  I wrote already about the situation in Sayresville, New Jersey, and now things are coming out about the Florida State program that are truly disheartening.  A lengthy New York Times article three days ago titled At Florida State, Football Clouds Justice told the sad story of a school that has lost its way. 

Football success, like any form of power, can be corrupting.  No school should put football first.  It has proven to be a very difficult (but possible) thing to be great at football and retain an identity separate from that, and the schools which have achieved that-- ie, Stanford and Notre Dame-- tend to have tremendous resources at their disposal.  Like wealth and beauty, success in a sport like football carries with it a moral hazard that must be recognized and averted with the great effort that restraint so often requires.

That truly was a magnificent game. My family was there and reported a next-level fan experience. Baylor TCU games have been giving me blood pressure problems since the 50-48 Baylor win in 2011, and this year was no different. So many feelings.

On reflection, this kind of game reaffirms the value of college sports, and reminds us why its worth protecting them. That means, of course, taking responsibility for the things we're doing wrong and working to fix them.
Well said, CTL. We were there. I had given up and walked around during the 3rd quarter, and then something changed in the 4th. The whole stadium stood up for the rest of the game. It's like the crowd wouldn't let them lose. I texted Robert afterward, and his one-word response was, "Unbelievable."
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