Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Washington v. Dallas

I don't often watch pro football, but I watched some of the game last night between Washington and Dallas.  (Washington won 20-17) I was left with a lot of questions:

1)  So if a guy has the ball in his own end zone and fumbles, his team gets the ball on their 20?  That doesn't make much sense-- it provides an incentive to fumble.

2)  Wait a minute!  When did Colt McCoy start playing?  What happened to RG3 and that guy from Michigan State?

3)  Do pro teams usually fumble so much?  It seemed like a pretty regular occurrence...

#2 -- how cool are Colt McCoy's parents for coming up with that name?
#3 -- yes, if they're the 'skins (and I'm a skins fan)
The weird new overtime, you get a chance to score after the other time rule is bizarre.

Let's just say Washington was a MUCH happier town this week.

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