Wednesday, October 01, 2014


The Writing Binge

I'm kind of on a writing bender right now-- lots of academic stuff, mostly.  Next week, I have a piece that will come out in the Stanford Journal of Criminal Law and Policy on the uses of prosecutorial discretion.  Another (on the use of forfeiture to combat narcotics) is being edited now for the Harvard Journal on Legislation.

Beyond that, the piece Rachel Barkow and I did for the University of Chicago Law Review on clemency reform can be downloaded from SSRN.  That one got a kind mention in a New York Times staff editorial, which supported our idea.

Then, just yesterday, my forthcoming piece for the Rutgers Law Review-- "1986: Crack, AIDS, and C. Everett Koop"-- came out on SSRN (and Doug Berman found it intriguing, at least!).

Of course, earlier this summer my piece with Judge Mark Bennett on mass incarceration came out, and I seem to get a lot of mail about that one…

I like writing.  Sometimes I focus on short-form (op-eds) work, and other times I go on a little binge like this of longer-form pieces.  It all fits together, though-- they are connected by the idea that we need to bring narcotics sentences in line with problem-solving.

I'd welcome any thoughts you might have on these…

I'm writing a piece on ants. Who knew?
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