Thursday, October 09, 2014


Political Mayhem Thursday: Ebola

Is it just me, or is there something super-creepy about the picture of the Ebola virus, above, which seems to be everywhere of late?

It might just be that it is a symbol of the trouble it brings:  twisted, alien, mysterious.  Now, though, it is a reality in our nation.  I went to Texas last week, and the check-in person in Minneapolis said "Texas! That's America's Liberia!"  And things are getting a little weird in Texas as people in and around Dallas are starting to worry a little more than they have.

What should our political leaders do?

I think our political leaders should stay out of the Ebola crisis and let the CDC and WHO do their jobs. The guy in Texas came back to the US because he hoped to have a better chance of survival here if he were to have contracted the virus. Unlike the first two Ebola patients that came back and made it through, looks like this guy didn’t submit the right prayers, as Dr. Bradley did (the first Ebola patient to come back on US soil, who contracted Ebola while caring for patients in Liberia). When Dr. Bradley walked out the doors at Emory Hospital in Atlanta he made sure to thank God for listening to his and his family’s prayers, he thanked his faith and the arduous prayers of his Christian brothers and sisters…not even one single little thanks to the nurse who wiped his brow. Ugh…there went my Ebola rant!
The best thing our government can do for the Ebola epidemic is appropriately fund the CDC, NIH and send funding to the WHO so they can do their jobs.

And we better hope there is not a 'real' outbreak here as the experimental drugs have been used and are not available to treat a mass breakout. Making a drug for Ebola is not like making flu vaccine.
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