Thursday, October 30, 2014


Political Mayhem Thursday: America after the election

One of two things will happen in the election next week:  Either Republicans will capture the Senate, or they won't.

I would submit that it doesn't matter much which of these two things happen.  Sure, it may start an open battle in the Republican party for control of the group, and it might also push President Obama towards more active administrative actions to achieve policy goals, bypassing Congress.

For the most part, though, it will look much like today.  No real, meaningful legislation will get through to become a law.  There will be a lot of blaming and absurd claims.  And, in 2016, we will probably end up with a Democratic Senate again.

Won't the Senate configuration be critical to judicial nominations?
The rules to prevent the filibustering of these nominations would go away and for two years almost all nominations will again be blocked.
This will certainly define the courts.
I wish something would change but (sigh) it will be long time coming. Early voting in NC is strong so people do care.
For all the screaming and posturing, in the end demographics define where the power is, and they're shifting. The power structure built on top of the old demographic is holding on for dear life; it will fight a no-holds-barred delaying action that become more out of touch with reason year by year.

And eventually, with much needless pain and damage to millions of people, we'll pass through it. I wish we were smarter.
One Thought for John Osler:

I do not expect the new filibuster rules to go away. Why would they? If the GOP wins the Senate, they will have a majority. And the majority party has no interest in facilitating filibusters (generally).

Moreover, I expect the GOP to bet on a Republican president and GOP Senate in 2016 and take steps to force as many conservative judicial appointments through the system as possible.

I am not looking for the GOP Senate to do anything about the new filibuster rule.
J.O., W.F. is right.

C. Change occurs all the time. Eisenhower gave way to JFK, who gave way to LBJ, who gave way to R.N., who gave way to , well you know the rest. They each were the products of changing demographics, changing conditions and change in the attitudes of individuals, not to mention changing conditions both in the USA and abroad. Change is inevitable and is a continuum, not something which which occurs in fits and starts, something for which we must wait a long time.

A.,What is the "old demographic" holding on to which is so dangerous that "a no holds barred delaying action," is both unreasonable and certain to produce pain? And, why is it likely that a new"power structure" will produce the paradise you imply? Who, by the way, will be "the new power structure," and whoever they are, what is it "they" will do that the "old power structure" did not attempt in its youth?

Relax and enjoy the games.

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