Monday, October 27, 2014


Police Haiku!

Lots of great entries last week!  Personally, I loved the Waco Farmer's entry:

Grew up in LA
Call 1-Adam-12, Code 3
Love my thin blue line

And the Medievalist!

Drinking Sprite all night,
I am stone cold sober, sir,
Those people are drunk.

Oh, and Renee!  Brilliant as usual...

Driving Barbie Cox home
Speeding of course,cop blew whistle.Barbie said,"Gun it,Renée !!!

So I gunned it and
The police didn't give chase.
How disappointing.

Thanks for the nod. Totally true story in which I got a ticket for failing to come to a complete stop at a flashing red light. The Joy of Sprite!

Woohoo! Thank you for the honor.
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