Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Legal Notes from all over (well, two places...)

1) In Waco, a capital murder jury began deliberating on Monday after several days of testimony in the re-trial of a case that first resulted in a conviction nearly three decades ago. According to Waco Trib reporter Tommy Witherspoon (in a tweet), the jury sent out a question to the judge: "How many jurors does it take to reach a unanimous verdict?" Sigh.

Judge Matt Johnson informed them that it would take all of them to make a unanimous decision...

2)   Coming up later this week (on Friday), I will be speaking at a great white collar crime symposium at Wayne State in Detroit, convened by Judge Avern Cohn.  You can see the lineup for that one here.

An all Aggy jury in Waco? Simply amazing!
The jurors must have been familiar with the council of Nicea. 2366 bishops showed up. Constantine sent 2048 home because he didn't like their theology. That left the council with a total of 318 bishops. 313 of those voted for the Nicean Creed....and theologians call this a unanimous decision. Yep, that must be where the voters got their definition of "unanimous."
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