Friday, October 17, 2014


Haiku Friday: Texting!

Yeah, you text.  So does everyone else, pretty much (except my parents).  It is a part of our day, and all around us.  Yet, the etiquette of it is still developing.

Let's haiku about that today-- good texts, bad ones, autocorrects, whatever!  I will go first:

My thick thumbs often
Change "love" to "live," I press send…
But isn't it just true?

Now it is your turn… just make it 5 syllables, then 7, then 5, and don't worry about it too much!

Texting software is,
Androids dream, electric sheep,
Lol, lmao.
the sound of your voice
some measure of how we are apart
transmit oh silent blue towers
Will he text me now
Or will it be another
Day before I hear?
IvfAm sen#5ding
U th%/ss text meessAgé/>
biy mi*(celoPHone}
Dad, how many syllables is that?
Just to know that you're
okay, a few words without
punctuation. Thank you.
John wins. He has captured the ethos of texting.

Mango skin essence
Fills my head,your warm body
Sates me lying next

Honey'd chocolate
Baritone poured into ears
I crave you,Malbec'd

Sumtuous,your lips
Kiss my soul out raspberries
Could flat words compete?

Put your damn phone down.
You haven't spoken a word
Our "connection?" LOST.
She sings the body
Electronic. All day long.
She texts,facebooks,tweets.

All alone. She is
Alice in Cyberland.Looks
For a safe life There.
Osler--Geoff sucks!

I begged and pleaded
Pissed and moaned for love text from
Geoff. Got: "Buh Bye Now!"
In reality
I texted was: "Free Love: Let's
Be Inclusive,Sal!"
Is text substitute
For the handwritten missive of
Ink, tears, Stamped Awaited.

No ,I say...Never!
I sit shivering.Only
His letter warms me.

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