Friday, October 31, 2014


Haiku Friday: Halloween!

It's halloween!  How great to have it on a Friday, too-- for a lot of people, especially the smaller ones, it is a greg thing not to have it on a school night.

Let's haiku about Halloween.  Here is a non-exclusive list of possible topics:

1)  Best costumes ever
2)  Scariest Halloween memory
3)  Wardrobe malfunctions
4)  Best and worst things to get in your bag
5)  Halloween at college
6)  What not to wear (on Halloween)

Here, I will go first:

Paper mache heads
A Charlie Brown masterpiece
Dad's Halloween art!

Now it is your turn!  Just make the first line 5 syllables, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third...

Mom covered my face
with zinc oxide and lip stick
a clown face gone bad

ps... I think this is why I have an aversion to all makeup today.
I make a great cat
"Nice tail!" Medievalist says
Gotta say-- it's true.
Our neighbors the Holts
Always gave caramel apples.
Bleh! I want Snickers!

Raisin Bran Cereal?
Toothbrushes? And dental floss?
Lousy neighborhood.
Not Necco Wafers!
No! No! I want more of those
tiny Hershey bars!
As for my costume?
Whatever got me candy
was just fine with me.
Hey! I love NECCO wafers…
Those Halloween dreams,
Like admiring Pickles tail,
And she bites hard too.

Pain made a constant cross.
Hunted with arrows like a deer,
She entered her paintings

Lush tropical grace
Her face bore a single solid
Brow.Mustache. Sex blur.

Her long black braids laid
Across her head grew roses.Beauty
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