Monday, October 20, 2014



So many good haiku about texting... see them all here!  But my dad really got real on this:

IvfAm sen#5ding
U th%/ss text meessAgé/>
biy mi*(celoPHone}

And that mysterious-yet-familiar Dutchess of Hennepin:

She sings the body
Electronic. All day long.
She texts,facebooks,tweets.

All alone. She is
Alice in Cyberland.Looks
For a safe life There.

And look!  Sally and Geoff are back!

Mustang's Former Sally said...Osler--Geoff sucks!

I begged and pleaded
Pissed and moaned for love text from
Geoff. Got: "Buh Bye Now!"

Geoffrey Mustang Boy said...
In reality
I texted was: "Free Love: Let's
Be Inclusive, Sal!"

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