Monday, October 06, 2014



Nice haiku last Friday.  But Amy, what did you mean with this:

Mine was named Teddy
Security and comfort
Just a brown stuffed bear

"Just?"  Hey, a stuffed brown bear can be a great thing!

Then we had this intriguing and fun entry from CTL:

Congressional "fix"
For Secret Service problem:
Bears on the North Lawn?

Some like it hot, some
Like it cold, but all bears like
Goldilocks porridge.

With rise of ISIS,
Bears no longer top threat to
Domestic safety.

Bears go to Texas,
Win football game by fifty,
Best mascot by more.

Murderous panda
Walks into a restaurant
Then eats chutes and leaves

And we can't ignore the genius of the Duchess, if only for giving us the new word "bearfall":

Plump derriere poised
Over steaming earth,she saw
The bear coming,raised

Her gun,still squatting,
She shot true and fast,heartbeat
Rabbity. Bearfall.

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