Tuesday, July 15, 2014


What? It's over?

I watched the World Cup final on Sunday (I didn't think it was exciting as some others did, apparently), and now I'm left wondering how it went by so fast.

I'm not the world's biggest sports fan (and my timing is bad-- I had Baylor season tickets from 2001-2010), but sometimes for special events I get totally hooked.  This is especially true for the World Cup and the Olympics.  I say I won't do it, but then I suddenly care a lot about an octafinal  game between Chile and Cote d'Ivoire. 

And then it ends, and I feel a loss... like there is something missing from my week.  I know RRL or someone will tell me to watch English league games, but Everton United v. the Chipbury Rangers just isn't the same.  Plus, it seems to go on all year, judging by the fanatics I see over at Britt's.

Does anyone have a good idea on how I can fill the void?

If you wish to continue watching soccer or football (as most of the world calls it) I suggest Univision, beware of incidentals such as juicy telenovelas though…even tiny doses have brain numbing side effects.
Just follow the USMNT and USWNT. The USMNT plays friendlies all the time, and the Gold Cup comes around in 2015, which means there will be qualifiers and the tournament and we will play Mexico and other CONCACAF teams. And the Women's World Cup is in 2015 as well, so there is that. Just following the US national teams guarantees you a game every few months, plus at least one major tournamnet every two years.

Otherwise, yes you should follow the EPL. But don't start with the game, start with the history. Read about the clubs, their religious/historical affiliations, their rivalries, their supporter groups (i.e. "hooligans"), etc. Once you do, it will be impossible not to enjoy it.
The deranged radical islamist semi-finals never end. ISIS beat Al Queda and is now challenging Hezbollah
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