Monday, March 31, 2014


Mmmm, mmmm, haiku!

There were lots of great haiku last week on the subject of comics.  But Christine's actually taught me something new!

Turned to read them first
every morning a journey
damn the New York Times

There are no funnies
to be found, except Sunday
in Week in Review

Tried reading on-line
For Better or for Worse - sigh
Its just not the same

The Times Week in Review has comics?  Oh... I think she means political cartoons.  The NSFW haiku by Archie about Betty/Veronica was very nice, as well.

The one to spoke to me most directly, though, was the Medievalist's:

Going to Bloom County,
Was very therapeutic,
With penguin and all.

Political cartoons are as good as it gets in the NY Times - sigh....

Yeah, that haiku touched a nerve for me as well. There is something about Bloom County which just rang true.

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